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GELAREH Decorative Glassware - Fish Design

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Product Description

Decorative Glassware - Fish Design

It is a unique and visually appealing option for adding a touch of aquatic charm to your home decor. Handmade glass item with fish designs can tak various forms, from vases to sculptures and ornaments. This fish motif is depicted using glassblowing technic.

Material : Glass

What is Glassblowing technic?

This ancient technique involves using a blowpipe to shape and manipulate molten glass. Skilled artisans can create intricate fish designs by shaping the glass while it's still hot and malleable. These designs often have a three-dimensional and organic feel due to the fluid nature of glassblowing

Notes :

Please allow +/- 10 mm error due to manual measurement.

The colours may be different as the difference display and it is unedited photos.

Remember that handmade glass items are unique and may have slight variations, adding to their charm. When purchasing such items, it's a good idea to ask about care instructions to ensure the longevity of the piece.


12x24 cm

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